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Physical Education

Physical Education Electives

While Physical Education is looked upon as the "fun" part of the day by many students, it plays as important a role in student development as classroom work.

The goal is to encourage fitness through physical activity and nutritious eating habits, which contributes to a healthier and happier life.

Putting the 'Education' in Physical Education

Research suggests that physical activity helps students to be more receptive to learning in the classroom, by improving concentration and reducing stress.

This elective provides students the opportunity to be active through a variety of fun sports and activities. Students will learn about general health and wellness topics. All students wear a PE uniform, which can be purchased online.

Girls Super Sports 

This class is for girls with advanced skills, strong self-discipline and a desire for intense competition. Emphasis will be on learning official rules and practicing game strategies. Classroom activities will include reading and discussion on conditioning, injury prevention, basic first aid and dietary demands of the athlete. Some outside classroom activities may be required. This course requires a teacher signature.